VELscope Oral Cancer Screening

Detecting oral cancer early is very important in order to treat the disease successfully. Pars Dental Clinic uses the VELscope system to help us find cancer tissues in your mouth. The VELscope system provides us with the information required to detect abnormalities that would not be visible to the naked eye.

Taking an oral cancer screening test is vital to helping maintain your oral and overall health.

During the Oral Exam we closely look at all of the soft tissues in the oral cavity as well. This includes the roof of the mouth, the cheeks, the tongue, the floor of the mouth and the lips. We also feel for any underlying “lumps and bumps” around the outside of the face, neck and chin area. If found, certain lesions can be signs of a serious health risk such as cancer. If a patients exhibits an unexpected finding they are immediately sent to a specialist for closer evaluation and diagnosis. Early detection of these lesions can literally be life saving and Dr. Tehrani takes a very thorough approach to this part of the exam
It is important to know the risks of oral cancer. If you feel that you might be at risk, schedule for an oral cancer screening today.

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