Iveri Whitening System North York

We provide our patients with a quick and efficient teeth whitening service done with Iveri Whitening System.  The procedure is done in our office and can whitten your teeth in one or two, 20 minute sessions. The process is quite simple, a whitening gel is placed in a dual arch tray which is put in your mouth and over your teeth. The Iveri Whitening Light uses red and blue LED technology which speeds up the whitening process with results being seen within the 20 minute session.
Open 7 Days A Week
10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

A North York Dentist winner of the Patients' Choice Awards.
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North York Location:
2875 Keele St. North York,
Ontario M3M 2G7
Phone: 416-630-1417
Email: info@parsdentalclinic.com

Jane Street Location
2210 Jane St., Unit B Toronto,
Ontario M3M 1A4
Phone: 416-614-7979
Email: jane@parsdentalclinic.com

La Rose Location

140 La Rose Ave #14 Etobicoke,
Ontario M9P 1B2
Phone: 416-242-2142
Email: larosedental@parsdentalclinic.com

For all other inquiries: info@parsdentalclinic.com
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