CEREC 1 Day Dentistry in North York

CEREC is one of the newest technologies created, which allows the client to have all ceramic dental issues fixed at the first and only appointment.

CEREC ceramic restorations are types of restorations that are accomplished using CAD/CAM (computer assisted device/computer assisted manufacture) technology. This type of technology is beneficial to the patient because it requires only one appointment to complete the procedure. This means you only need to receive dental freezing once and there are no messy dental impressions.
During the visit, the filling being replaced or the damaged or decaying area of the tooth is removed, and the tooth is shaped to receive a restoration. An optical 3D image is acquired and the doctor designs the restoration while you wait. Lastly, the ceramic restoration is bonded to the tooth and polished to a smooth finish.

CEREC teeth restorations are made of metal-free ceramic and are safe for the human body versus the amalgam, gold, or other metals that were used by dentists in the past.

Open 7 Days A Week
10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

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North York Location:
2875 Keele St. North York,
Ontario M3M 2G7
Phone: 416-630-1417
Email: info@parsdentalclinic.com

Jane Street Location
2210 Jane St., Unit B Toronto,
Ontario M3M 1A4
Phone: 416-614-7979
Email: jane@parsdentalclinic.com

La Rose Location

140 La Rose Ave #14 Etobicoke,
Ontario M9P 1B2
Phone: 416-242-2142
Email: larosedental@parsdentalclinic.com

For all other inquiries: info@parsdentalclinic.com
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